About Ready2Fish®

We created Ready2Fish®, the original and complete combo fishing system, over 22 years ago to help make fishing accessible, easy to use and fun for families and weekend anglers. No matter what type of fishing, location or species you’re after, R2F® has the solution!



The Ready2Fish® system matches the appropriate rod and reel for each type of fish and most common technique. Our new Just Add Bait® series is designed for specific fishing locations ranging from ponds and rivers to ocean beaches. Next we add a selection of proven fishing tackle matched to the fish species or fishing location.



Ready2Fish® is the industry leader! We always deliver the best solutions for anglers that are new to the sport. Our latest models include proven innovation such as our Tri-Core Rotor® and inverted reel seats that deliver enhanced durability and sensitivity to our combos.


The Just Add Bait® series of combos has a new feature that most beginning anglers never consider. Tying on your first hook can be a daunting challenge. We have fixed that by including a snap that is already tied onto your line. Simply Thread the rod, Clip on a sinker or bobber, Snap on a rig, Bait up and Go!


The inverted grip on the new Ready2Fish® isn’t just a stylish, modern touch. The design actually allows an angler to have a better feel by connecting you directly to the rod blank. Nothing beats the feeling of a fish taking the bait and with our new inverted grips, you won’t miss a thing!

Easy Transport Kit

The Ready2Fish® tackle kits have always included the best tackle choices for the beginning angler. Our newest tackle kit includes a clever connecting system that attaches directly to the rod for storage. Simply lay your rod into the central slot and snap the tackle kit closed and it is attached to your rod and ready for your next adventure.



Around these parts we understand the pure joy that comes from landing that first fish. Our goal is to help anglers achieve this goal and get hooked on fishing. Check out our “How to” section for videos and basic tips on finding fish and convincing them to bite.

Detailed Instructions

Fishing is an endless puzzle that can produce a lifetime of memories, adventures and tasty meals. Each species of fish presents it’s own unique set of challenges. Ready2Fish® will help you with the basics but we will also take you through a few additional techniques to expand your versatility. Check out our “How to” section by species to find additional diagrams and videos.